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Welcome Charlton Morris Industrial

I write this article having just finished a client meeting where the client used the phrase: “If you are standing still you are going backwards.” It couldn’t be more pertinent at this time.

One of the defining things about Charlton Morris and pillars of its success is our proactive approach and willingness to embrace change. As a business, we’ve adopted the philosophy of ‘change before we have to’.

The latest decision we’ve taken has been to rebrand Charlton Morris Energy as Charlton Morris Industrial. This is a change which came into effect at the start of our new financial year, starting earlier in September.

The rebranded industrial division reflects the changes we have made and better represents the markets that we now cover. Charlton Morris Industrial work with clients across Oil & Gas, Renewable Energy, Mining, Marine, Construction, Automation, Logistics & Supply Chain, Chemicals, IT & Software, Industrial Components, Power Generation and Water & Wastewater sectors.

We’ve worked extremely hard over the last 24 months so that each sector has at least one dedicated consultant with a deep understanding of their market and excellent network of contacts to capitalise on their expertise.

So why the change?

Charlton Morris Energy was heavily focussed on the Oil & Gas industry which saw us work with a broad range of international clients across all areas of the oilfield. Our specialism was (and still is) the recruitment of experienced professionals from middle management level through to board level.

One of the main catalysts for the diversification of our markets was the crash in the oil price at the end of 2014. The fall from $100 oil to $30 oil impacted us heavily, as major players in oil made layoffs by the thousands.

Due to the relationships we had created pre-crash, we were still able to be successful, but to maintain our success and to prevent any future crashes, we decided to start moving some of our existing and new consultants into allied markets. This initial ‘prospecting’ phase which began at the start of 2015 has seen us end up where we are today, where our portfolio of clients and expertise extends far wider than our previous oil and gas roots.

Has it worked?

Standing here now and looking back over the last two years I can say that it has been a resounding success and was the right thing to do to ensure sustainability and growth. The hard work we have invested into this initiative now means we have a well-established presence in all of the industrial sectors. We’ve been able to maintain YoY headcount and revenue growth, with the added benefit of our scope for growth has significantly widened too.

As for Oil & Gas

Whilst we have diversified, we still have a core of experienced consultants with years of experience recruiting in the oil & gas sectors, meaning that we are still well equipped to assist with the hiring needs in the market, despite our new name.

Oil and Gas is still very much at the heart of our industrial division and regardless of our own revenue, fees and placements, I can say that I am looking forward to the stabilisation of the industry. I hope that the many of the thousands now out of work as a result of the last two years can get back into doing what they are best at.